Harold C. Ripley '29 Society

The Harold C. Ripley ’29 Society was formed in 2009 to recognize alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to giving through the Dartmouth College Fund every year since graduation. Today, nearly 6,000 alumni belong to the Ripley Society, making annual giving to Dartmouth a priority each and every year.

Please keep your streak going! Make your annual DCF gift and be a #friendofhal.

And remember that a sustained gift is an ideal opportunity for you to consistently support Dartmouth students—and maintain your membership in the Harold Ripley ’29 Society every year—without the inconvenience of re-submitting a gift form each time. Sustaining gifts of all sizes are welcome!

“It is important to me to reaffirm every year to Dartmouth that I am committed to the mission of the institution and the benefit that Dartmouth provides both students and alumni for a lifetime.”

—Leah Threatte ’01, 22-year member

“Dartmouth has made a significant and lasting difference in my life. I have never forgotten that fact and am forever grateful.”

—Tres Izzard ’88, 34-year member

Who was Hal?

Harold C. Ripley ’29 was famous for his bowties, his sense of humor, and his loyalty to Dartmouth. Hal gave to the Dartmouth College Fund for 83 consecutive years—from his graduation in 1929 until his death in September 2011 at the age of 104.