Thank you for volunteering to raise funds for students through the Dartmouth College Fund. We appreciate your willingness to devote time and energy to helping ensure that Dartmouth continues to provide a transformational student experience. 

There are a number of resources available to help you have a rewarding volunteer experience:

Your Team in Hanover

Your class’s managing director and development assistant are professional fundraisers charged with achieving your class’s revenue and participation goals. They are eager to help you. View who your staff representatives are and how to contact them.

Volunteer by EverTrue

Volunteer by EverTrue is an invaluable resource for Dartmouth College Fund volunteers. It is a platform that makes it easy to reach out to peers in a personal way. Volunteer by EverTrue has all the tools you need to make effective asks, log interactions, and see the impact of your work-all without spreadsheets.

Log in via desktop


How to Use Volunteer by Evertrue

Volunteer by EverTrue is easy to use because of its simplicity. Once you can log in, please watch the following videos for an overview of usage:
Web Tutorial
Mobile Tutorial

Problems with Volunteer by Evertrue

If you are having problems logging in, the College's Web Authorization page, or having any technical issues, please contact the Alumni Help Desk for immediate assistance. Contact information for the Alumni Help Desk is below.

The Alumni Help Desk

Dartmouth alumni may contact the Alumni Help Desk via e-mail or phone: